Located at the back of the main building is the servant quarters which is a 2 floor complex specifically for the servants that once looked after the house for the laird of the time. The main kitchen and laundry room was located on the ground floor with a small dumb waiter that is still in good condition. Also on the ground floor consisted of sleeping accommodation and a small kitchen for their use.

The upper floors consisted of an area for laundry and 3 other rooms but I am not entirely sure what they would have been used for. On the roof of the building is a bell that could be rung using the rope that accessible from the upper and lower floors and still works to this day and pretty loud.

It is suggested the bell was used to summon more servants from the nearby castle although this is still debatable. In the late 1990s the lower part of the servant quarters was converted into an apartment and has been rented out.
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