To the immediate south of the main building is a Squash Court. This is a self contained building made of brick and inside is lined with wood and has a viewing area and also a changing area in a room next to it. The court is in good condition and is just used for storage now but could easily be transformed into a fully functional squash court again.

It was built in early 1908 and was only used for a few years before it became abandoned and just used for storage.

There is a small staircase that goes to a viewing area that can hold about 10 persons and to the right of the court is two storage areas that would have once have been used for storing the rackets and balls along with a possible changing area.

The exterior is of brick construction with a stone dash rendering and all of the inside is made of wood. On the roof is a full length windows and has its own heating elements extending form the roof.

Due to the age of the building it uses 110v electrical system rather than the modern 240v.
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