In the midst of celebrations for Christmas of 1893, Arthur Conan Doyle, world famous as the creator of Sherlock Holmes, receives a mysterious drawing with the words ‘Help Me’ written on it. Doyle rushes to see his father who is incarcerated in a hospital for the insane and is severely withdrawn, but is unable to communicate with him before he dies.

In trying to deal with his grief, Doyle turns to spiritualism in the hope of contacting his father and saying what he never had the opportunity to in life. He also writes a story in which he kills Sherlock Holmes off, much to the upset of his legions of fans, so that he can devote his time to more serious writings. At the same time, Doyle’s publisher assigns the biographer Selden to write the story of Doyle’s life. Selden begins digging into Doyle’s past, including talking to Dr Joseph Bell, Doyle’s mentor who served as the inspiration for Sherlock Holmes.

There Selden begins to dig up secrets from Doyle’s past that were instrumental in the creation of Sherlock Holmes. However, Selden is not who he seems to be. 

The Main Entrance, Dining Room, Lower Grand Staircase, Oak Hall and Library at Hunterston House are featured.

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