This Kitchen would have been used to prepare the food prior to it being served in the dining room.  All the food was cooked in the main kitchen downstairs and transported to the first floor by the dumb waiter and then the staff would have placed it on dishes before serving it to the household.

This would have been the main preparation area (Pantry) for food in the 19th and early 20th century before it was to become more of use as a second cooking kitchen.

There are several wooden cupboards used for storing the crockery and dishes used to serve the food.

Nowadays this is the main kitchen and has all the utilities and appliances to serve that purpose.

On the wall is a call display that shows the room a member of household requiring assistance from the servants. The household would press a call button and it would be indicated on this display. Once the servant noticed it they could reset the display by pressing in the knob to the right of it.
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